Social Media – A helpful way for online employee recruitment

Who lays the foundation of a great company?


And where do you find these “great employees”?

On social media sites!

That’s right, gone are those days where employers had to publish their requirements in an employment news paper and wait for applications to drop in. Gone are those days, where your HR manager finds it almost impossible to stumble upon the exact talent she was looking for. Gone are those days when the employers invest a buck load of money on recruitment staff to take care of recruitment!

Forming a great company begins with hiring great people, and social media provides an easy way to directly discover, research and connect great caliber employees.

What does social media do?
Social media satisfies the top two recruitment priorities,  reducing costs and reducing time to hire irrespective of the size of the company.

Social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, google plus etc. give an unprecedented access to those individuals who have updated their career information that employers look for.

Besides connecting customers to consumers, social media has been a valuable tool for employers and job seekers. Recent studies reveal that 93% employers use social media platforms to fulfill recruitment needs.

In the infographic below, our team highlights the statistics that come with using social media for hiring. For instance, 76% jobseekers found their current position through Facebook, and 20 % employers said that it takes less time to hire the right candidate using social recruiting.

If you’re currently looking to fill open positions, it’s time to introduce CareersUnbound to your HR team. Along with this CareersUnbound enables individual jobseeker registrations through Facebook and LinkedIn making it easier for job seekers and employers to find each other and explore benefiting opportunities.

Happy Hiring!


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