What Google really cares about, exceptional Talent

What Google really cares about, exceptional Talent

Google has a problem- they are flooded with applicants from Ivy League schools with top ranking degrees. The thing is, Google really cares about the skills and talents that people learn while in college not the degree itself. Here are a few hiring opinions from the tech giant.

Personal skills are more important than Expertise

                A degree tells the world that you have discipline and know something about the major you studied. Journalism major will not always be great journalists, just as some psychology majors do not make great psychiatrists.

In order to hire the best you have to think how Google does. What can your potential hire actually do? Can they give a speech, build a website, or increase your sales? These skills are what lead to creative ideas and the ability to truly make an impact in your company.

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 Many graduates lack humility

                Graduates from these top schools have relied on their natural talent their whole lives and have never had to struggle to succeed in a school setting. Their egos grow so when they fail they blame it on someone else and when they succeed, they believe they had a genius idea.

Google looks for people with passion who fight for their great ideas and take a stance. However, they also want people that can realize a small tidbit of knowledge can change everything. The top candidates hunt down innovative ideas, but can also admit their faults and learn from their mistakes when the time comes.

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The ability to learn is often overlooked

                The ability to learn and think logically is a skill people need to develop. In a crisis situation, it is better to have someone that can solve a problem quickly. Another great example is analytics, anyone can look at numbers, but the people who can tell us what those statistics mean and why they are important are the people you want.

Google rewards hard workers

                For some school in general comes easy, they can party all night long and have an excellent GPA. They are in a sense underachiever because they can pass by putting in less effort. That underachievement will show when they are hired at your company. Do they put in the maximum effort or are they just doing enough to get by?

Quick recap. Hire people who work hard and will go the extra mile to prove that their idea is the best. Hire people with talent that will truly make a difference in your organization. Today everyone in your company is vital for success; the number one stake holders are employees, if they believe in the mission of your company the results will show in their quality of work.

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