What does it take to be a successful recruiter?

successful recruiter

In an economy where unemployment tops 9% it is hard to imagine an easy time for employers to search and retain talent. However, in the recruitment sector, a greater number of candidates to choose from does not necessarily equate to superior quality. The challenge for a recruiter is to be looking for opportunities to turn around the situation to her advantage. And, in these turbulent times and a lowering economy, campus recruitment can still be your most rewarding bet.

For a decade now, campus recruitment has been considered as the lifeblood of entry-level positions, trainees or interns. As college enrollments continue to increase, so does the material gap between availability of job ready talent and productive job market keeps widening. However, a large supply does not improve the quality of candidates nor does it simplify the selection process. But, then why consider college graduates to meet your staffing needs? Because, they satisfy the most important recruitment criteria of any organization- they are fresh talent and are lower paid.

It doesn’t matter if you are hiring one or hundred college graduates in this recruitment drive. The process of searching, employing and retaining college graduates needs concrete understanding of student demographics, recent trends of campus recruitment and market dynamics. The difficulties in today’s economic environment are continued limitations on budgets and limited results for human efforts, so each employee brought on board needs to be a “rock star”.
Finding such rock-stars has been easy with evolved campus recruitment. The campus recruitment process is still the same: post a vacancy, select from interested candidates, interview on or off campus and extend an offer. These methods are accomplished through campus fairs, college placement events and internship programs. But there is a new and value addition to the traditional approach and that is, networking. This can be done either through social media or creative and effective portals like CareersUnbound.

CareersUnbound offers technology that allows employers to cast a wide net that enables access to broad potential candidates. Programs such as soft skills development have sprung up in order to facilitate authentic recruitment of a new pool of talent where such skills are critical. Elements in the recruitment process like interviewing, once limited to a 6*6 room, now allows virtual experiences through CareersUnbound.
Such technology not only facilitates the ease of access and delivery, and lowers the cost significantly, but also allows employers to create a unique experience for the college graduates. CareersUnbound can benefit the employers in multiple ways other than recruitment.

A well though plan and well developed message, reinforce employers with branding and marketing their career value proposition more efficiently to a larger audience.
Campus recruitment at CareersUnbound provides a great opportunity to build a pipeline for future management talent in your organization. Employers who approach this online on campus recruitment portal with creativity and little strategic forethought will lead the talent curve in the future.
To a successful recruitment!

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