What are the 2 soft skills employers want?


This is a million dollar question every jobseeker has, let it be at the start or mid of her career. Here’s a quick quiz for all job seekers who guess the exact skill sets that can land them in their dream job.
Name the skills that an employer wants from its employees:
1. Dressing skills
2. social media skills
3. soft skills

Ofcourse, the answer is ‘soft skills’, but what are these skills and how can you have those? Below we take a look at top soft skills that employers want, and how you can sell them to employers.

Everyone is a marketer. Whether it is an employer who tries to sell her way to her clients or a job seeker who sells her skills so that the employer! All you have to remember is better the soft skills, better the job!

What are soft skills?
Soft Skills is the ability of an individual to prioritize work, possess decent interpersonal communication, be a team player and easily overcome conflicts. In today’s time, it is becoming even rarer to find people with excellent soft skills because of too much dependence on technology and digital communication.

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Why are soft skills important for career?
If you apply for a vacancy in an organization and some other candidate also has the same skill sets as you do, same expertise as you, it is the soft skills that will separate the two. While coding, technical knowledge is not everything, listening to the clients and communicating clearly is also very important.
The best way to increase your chances of getting hired is by developing these skills by becoming emphatic and aware.

For example, call a person whom you want to set up a meeting with instead of sending out an email or a message. It is always easy to get ahead in your career if you meet in person to get a better sense of what you can offer the person.

Do you have the required soft skills?
When you spend time with your friends, teachers, parents or mentors you should try and get a solicit feedback on your behavior. It is always from a third man’s point of view, you understand things that you cannot see yourself.

How you present yourself in situations like these will pave your way to success. Networking, business success and getting ahead in your career are the side effects that soft skills have.

What are the 2 important soft skills?

Dependability and organizational skills. These are the top two soft skills every employer in any field looks for in a candidate.

Since recession is altering every financial calendar, companies have to deal with shortage of work force with the same amount of work. In these circumstances, streamlining and maximizing productivity are the main concerns. Companies hire or retain employees who are able to prioritize the work load, work organized, meet deadlines and achieve results.

To do more with fewer resources is the business sutra these days. And not only to survive in such a advancing and continuously are growing atmosphere dependability and orginisational skills the keys to career success.

How to develop these soft skills?
If you think you have what it takes to survive in the corporate world, highlight it on your resume. Talk about it at your interview; show them you can be groomed!

We all have been taught soft skills since school days. And as time passes by we pick and drop few skills. But we all need to show our skills and continuously keep polishing them in order to stay at the top of your career.

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To a happy career!

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