The Essential “Pro Tips” That Boost Your Employability Even As a Student

Pro Tips

Want to know a really nifty ways to increase your employability, make yourself function as an all rounder and a specialist?

Believe it or not, it’s already in you.

That’s right, the feeling of being less qualified or less experienced at workplace can actually be due to a lack of confidence and familiarity with expectations.

But don’t worry!

You have many transferable skills that can actually be used in ways that are interesting and highly corporate friendly.

Here’s how.

First things first — you need to know the “basic” elements that you already have.

3 elements you need that you already have are:
You have been acquiring superb skills in further education that you may not even be aware of. All the three points mentioned below are what you’re concerned about and you already know.

  • Think about your first day at college, when you arrived and felt like you don’t belong here. That’s the way you built confidence.
  • It doesn’t matter if you don’t consider yourself to be an organized person, the odds are that you are, without even realizing it.
  • If you consider the social skill sets involved in having a college life, be even surer that you’ll get along well with your colleagues.

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Getting in the flow
Each day you go to college you outsmart yourself from the first day you! You have evolved yourself to be smart enough to know when to party and when to seriously get down to work. You have nurtured confidence by managing practicalities of your life as if you drive your own destiny. With time and experience you have gained confidence.

Use the similar logic at work. At work everything that seems to be daunting and confusing at the beginning. But confidence makes you overcome them. It is good to feel confident in advance, that will help you crack the interview, get accepted by your colleagues as a part of the office culture and tone yourself to fit in sooner than you think.

Did You Know: You Have Organizational Skills!

College teaches us organizational skills that we often take for granted and doubt ourselves if we actually have those!

You need an example, don’t you?

While moving to a college, you developed organizational skills while managing your finances. You prioritized the expenses, looked for the best deals and bought or paid what you could afford.

These are organizational skills. All you have to do is to transfer these over to the workplace and have a strong belief on your research while bringing life to your new role instead of focusing on what you lack.

Always remember, many of the tasks at work require skills that you have already achieved.

Facebook and networking

Most of the companies hire individuals with even the smallest spark of networking. And today, social networking set up your background check, interests, dislikes and attitude.

Social skills are those which already exist in you since childhood as a part of your group of friends, games, negotiations etc. There must have been instances at college where you were asked to lead or follow.

This is what employers are looking for!

Easy going, relaxed candidates who will blend in the company culture with out disturbing the rest of the employees.

To please them, be bold about your social life because it speaks about your all rounder personality. Also, don’t be afraid to discuss your hobbies and pass time activities at an interview just so that they know your interesting nature.

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