The $19 billion mistake


If you are a social network freak, today you must be finding articles, jokes and tweets about Facebook acquiring Whatsapp for $19 billion.

“WHAT!!??” Must have been your natural reaction.

Whatsapp is a messaging app for smart phones which has 450 million active users and keeps increasing with 1 million new users everyday. Millions and billions are the numbers we are talking about!

And these numbers is a reason why Facebook bought the service for an awfully huge amount. They are probably regretting for turning away one of the Whatsapp co-founder for fraction of the purchase amount, few years ago.

Who thought a guy who was rejected a job at Facebook would sell his 450 million active users start up for a jaw dropping $19 billion?

Insane, right?

A lot can happen in a span of five years. Your journey can take unexpected turns like, from the vice president of Yahoo, to a rejected candidate by Facebook and twitter, to an entrepreneur and finally to a guy that proved Facebook the price of rejecting him to be worth $19 billion!

Imagine if all your rejected candidates channelize their potential talent in proving their worth which will be a great loss for your company’s growth.

But we understand it is very difficult to spot the spark in a candidate, especially with huge competition and valuable available talent.

Passionate candidates don’t come with a tag; they are handpicked and nurtured with leadership and experience. There are three ways to avoid the mistake that Facebook and twitter did before rejecting a candidate.

  • Take your time
  • Show faith in the candidate
  • Don’t let go a potential candidate, create a vacancy for her

Selection of a candidate is a lengthy process that involves management decisions. In this process, employers need to remember to stay alert for boredom. That’s right, boredom. Sometimes, you may reject the right candidates not because they are less qualified or experienced but because your mind was blocked by the monotonous exposure. The best way to deal with such problems is to stay focused no matter what!

But then, Whatsapp wouldn’t have been there if Brian Acton had got the job!

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Happy Hiring!

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