Ten useful tips to improve presentation skills

Presentation Tips

How can you improve your presentation skills? Effective presentation skills are very important to learn and develop, no matter what industry you work in. When you improve your public speaking and presentation skills, you will feel more confident and your presentations will be more impressive.

Stage fright
Studies show that the majority of people get uncomfortable while facing a group or while giving a performance. If you have stage fright or feel some anxiety you are not alone. Even great speakers like Winston Churchill experienced this fear.
To overcome stage fright:
1. Be calm and positive. Tell yourself that you are going to make a great presentation and that the audience will listen carefully.
2. Rehearse  in front of the mirror. Start with simple topics that won’t cause your brain to over think; this will help to boost your confidence. Look into your eyes in the mirror when you talk and observe your expressions. You will get an idea about what needs improvement and what works best.

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Preparation is important when looking to improve your oral presentation skills. A detailed study of your topic is a must. Also, understand your audience. What do they want? Why would they listen to you? If you want to reach them with your presentation, you must reach them through their needs. Give real life examples relevant to your topic so that the audience finds it easy to understand.

Rehearsing your presentation
Rehearse your speech on your feet at least three times. It is okay to rehearse parts of it in your car or sitting at your desk. Try to get used to the feeling of delivering your presentation. The best way to reinforce a set of skills is by repeating the pattern the way you plan to deliver.

Eye Contact
Talk directly to people. The best presentation is delivered as a conversation to every person in your audience one person at a time. If you want to be believed – talk to every individual and this will help to give you credibility.

Your posture can tell your audience about your confidence & comfort level. Standing up straight tells the audience that you are comfortable and ready to give a stellar presentation.

Help your audience remember the important parts
Repeat the points you want them to remember. Use a story to illustrate the point.

We find it easier to remember images and feelings. If you want your audience to remember the key points of your presentation attach those points to images or emotions.

Look your best
You look your best when you smile. You look most trustworthy, friendly and confident when you smile.Don’t keep smiling all the time, your audience may not listen it carefully. Make it a warm friendly smile. When you smile you look confident and help to improve the confidence of your audience.

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