Frequently Asked Questions


“instaTalent” is an online platform that discovers candidates for a given position and uses technology to recommend them to potential employers. It guarantees to shorten the hiring cycle and find employee recommendations instantly.

A cognitive talent discovery platform that uses big data analytic to find the best candidates for your hiring needs.

instaTalent powered by IBM Watson analyzes your candidate’s personality using algorithms to provide the best talent recommendations for your corporate culture and your industry instantly.

instaTalent provides Big Data and cognitive science solutions for the talent industry. Data for the recommendations is extracted from various social and web sources, unlike single database oriented job boards. While other job boards recommend profiles based on keyword matching, instaTalent uses highly intelligent and advanced technology and taxonomies to overcome the limitations of keywords and assure that you are receiving the most comprehensive list of best-fit candidates.


No. instaTalent instantly finds the best candidates for your job openings. We eliminate the need of a job board.

instaTalent evaluates your job description by using big data, web mining, cognitive analytics, graph algorithms, and taxonomies to search resumes in job boards, social media, and even your private resume database to instantly recommend you best-fit talent.

We take few details from you, and provide you with a free trial. There is no contract binding related with sign up.

We use our internal database, social media as well as well-known popular resume posting portals.

Yes and no. Yes because we are a SaaS that brings an innovative solution to the hiring process. No because we are not like traditional ATS.

Yes. We offer a 14-day trial where you can get 200 recommendations absolutely free.

If you have any question regarding product, you can contact us on (+1) 202-241-6955 , (+91) 20-25560602 Or email us Also our 24 hour live customer support will be able to assist you. (You can choose live chat option from menu on application)

Cognitive computing is the simulation of human thought processes in a computerized model.

Cognitive computing involves self-learning systems that use data mining, pattern recognition, and natural language processing to mimic the way the human brain works. The goal of cognitive computing is to create automated IT systems that are capable of solving problems without requiring human assistance.

Cognitive computing systems use machine learning algorithms. Such systems continually acquire knowledge from the data fed into them by mining data for information. The systems refine the way they look for patterns and as well as the way they process data so they become capable of anticipating new problems and modeling possible solutions.

Cognitive computing is used in numerous artificial intelligence (AI) applications, including expert systems, natural language programming, neural networks, robotics and virtual reality. The term cognitive computing is closely associated with IBM’s cognitive computer system, Watson.

instaTalent Platform

In order for instaTalent Pro to find the best-fit for your job role, we need the name of the position. We also use this in our Skill-fit analysis to see which skills are most relevant in your industry.

a. Each candidate search you run can search between 1-50 resume views.
b. Free trials get 200 resume views.
c. Paid users have unlimited resume views.

We currently use city searches. We are developing location search function, so you can search through the zip code that is provided in the resume.

When you see the industry and function in the wizard it is important to fill these out as accurately as possible.
a. Industry – the type of company that you are looking to fill.
b. Function – the job role that you are looking to fill.

If you follow the ADS (Accurate, Detailed, Specific) for your job description and you are still not getting the results you are looking for, use our live chat system for immediate assistance or contact customer support at

a. Required skills – Skills that are necessary. Candidates who lack these will not be selected. For example, required skills for a Java Developer are HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, Unix/Linux, and Window.
b. Good to have skills – Skills that are nice to have in addition to required skills. Candidates who have these receive preference. For example, good to have skills for a Java Developer are Oracle, MS SQL Server, NoSQL, and DB2

As per the privacy policy rules we are not supposed to disclose confidential information regarding the contact details of the candidates.

Feature & Functions

Logging in for the first time?
Make sure you verify your email with your verification code. It takes up to 10 minutes to send an email. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder.
Forgot password?
Go to Forgot Password and we’ll send you a password reset link.
Changing password?
1. After logging into your Dashboard, look in the top right corner and click the button that has your email address on it.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Fill out fields for your previous password and your new password. If you don’t remember your old password, you may have to reset it.

Follow these steps.
a. Go to Company Info located on the left side of the screen.
b. Click Departments.
c. Fill out the field and click Add Departments.
d. Repeat for each new department you want to create.

InstaTalent has groundbreaking technology that goes through hundreds of candidates. If you have unclear parameters, you won’t get relevant results. When filling out instaTalent wizard, good ADS gets great results! Accurate- Focus on using the correct information Detailed- The more comprehensive a job description is, the better the results are. (A thorough job description) Specific- Being as precise as possible (filling out experience)

Once you fill out our wizard, you’ll have a complete job description that you can use however you wish.

Yes. We have the ability to parse through your job description and autofill the parameters in our instaTalent wizard.
a. Sign In to instaTalent.
b. Go to Add New Job.
c. Click Select and Upload File.
d. The wizard will guide you through the rest of the process.


instaTalent’s Skill-fit analyzes the skills of the best-fit candidates and shows you the level of their skills from 1-10 and the relevancy of those skills for each job role.

Yes. We allow you to go side by side to compare each candidate’s level of skills in each area. Just click the Analyze Candidates banner.

We use candidates’ resumes to analyze how proficient they are in a given skill. Our taxonomies and data analytics then factor the skill level. A candidate who gets a 10 on html is more proficient in html than a candidate who gets an 8.

If instaTalent Pro’s recommendations do not meet your expectations, please edit the job description details and “rematch” the recommendations. Upon clicking “rematch” the application undertakes a new search with the edited criteria. If you have any additional questions on candidate recommendations or rematching, feel free to contact the CareersUnbound team at


Culture-fit powered by IBM Watson analyzes your candidate’s personality to provide the best talent recommendations for your corporate culture and your industry instantly.

We use resume parsing, social media, and questionnaires that the candidates fill out to develop an understanding of each candidate, and use that information to compare the candidate’s personality to your company’s culture.

Hiring someone whose personality is not compatible with your company can have a negative impact on the company. Culture-fit helps offset that by providing a solution to analyze candidates’ personality and determine if they fit to the company before you interview and hire them.

IBM did a study of 100,000 Twitter accounts and found correlations with 51 personality attributes. We use that data to analyze the personality of each candidate, so we are fairly confident in the accuracy of the results.

Using the study that IBM Watson conducted, we cross-refer candidates, for example someone who show signs of being very cooperative compared to someone who is moderately cooperative, and use a numerical system to convey this personality trait so you can compare the results. A candidate who gets a 10 in cooperation is more cooperative than a candidate who gets an 8.

It should take between 10-15 minutes for a candidate to fill out our questionnaire.

Yes. We filter twitter accounts, as well as other popular social media sites with the permission of each potential candidate.