Recruitment Software or Recruitment Consultant – What should Employers use?

Recruitment is an on-going process in any industry. With the growth of job opportunities and number of jobseekers, it has become a tedious task for any Recruiter/ HR Manager to get the desired outputs with limited time and resources.

Previously recruiters used to handover all the hiring processes to consultants, saving their legwork. In return, consultant would find talent from various job boards, check their availability and salary requirements in a fee that consisted fixed share of the salary of the candidate.

With emergence of the employee recruitment software, recruiters are no longer actively looking to knock on consultants’ doors. With the pros and cons, recruiters and HR managers will always be in a dilemma about what to choose, a consultant or the employee recruitment software?

Recruitment consultant

Going for recruitment consultant is a time-consuming process. Consultant will contact potential candidates, conduct reference and background checks and forward their profiles to employer. Consultants are costly as well, they charge on salary of the candidate ranging from 5-12%. Most of the times employers have to take the second round of interviews and realize that the candidate is not appropriate as per the requirement. All these processes are time consuming and costly.

Employee recruitment software

On the other hand recruitment software can be bought on annual subscription basis or as per the usage. Employee recruitment software provides various options from analysis of social presence of the candidate and application tracking to candidate’s analysis on their skills. Employee recruitment software’s are easy to handle and will provide user guide, which will be easy for any user to understand and start working on.


Why consultants should reconsider old methods

Consultants are usually connected with couple of job boards, sorting resumes manually and contacting candidates takes lots of time and cost. If recruitment consultants start using the new employee recruitment software, it will be easy for them to get the data from various sources, in the shortest duration of time.

Contacting candidates becomes easy task with bulk mails reaching inbox of the candidates, making sure connecting talent with opportunities is done smoothly. Recently CareersUnbound has introduced new terms of ‘skills and culture fit’ recruitment with our employee recruitment software “instatalent” which will make sure consultants provide overall analysis of the candidate, making sure employer gets the Best-fit talent for their organization.

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