Open Source Applicant Tracking System

instaTalent provides an open source applicant tracking system to small and medium size enterprises which is an advanced and sophisticated version that will take your recruitment process to next level.

instaTalent is a unique open source applicant tracking system which will change your current inefficient recruitment process. This system is a handy tool for all recruiters to keep track of their job postings, applications for a particular job, candidates' responses and candidate acceptance after interview stages.

Best Online Job Applicant Tracking Software

instaTalent is one of the best open source applicant tracking systems due to its unique features.

instaTalent ATS allows you and your recruitment team to maintain a database of all the job applicants and job information. This valuable information is important for finding matches between job openings and applicants

instaTalent ATS is the affordable solution for all the organizations, which cannot bear high cost. This ATS is a complete package to acquire, screen, assess and fill an open position in a shortest time span.

Open source applicant system of the century instaTalent ATS is an add-on to the current Pro and Culture-fit talent acquisition platform versions of instaTalent.

Important Features of instaTalent: Open Source Applicant Tracking System

  1. Resume extraction and parsing with instaTalent Pro
  2. Cultural analysis of prospects with instaTalent Culture-Fit
  3. Automated correspondence
  4. Automated candidate progress flow graphical analysis
  5. Cost analysis
  6. Offer overview and career background analysis

instaTalent ATS is an open source applicant tracking system beyond tradition desktop version.

instaTalent ATS is a mobile friendly ATS that can be operated from any Android or iOS devices. Recruiters and HR managers also receive a text and email notification for any activity performed by an applicant instantly.

instaTalent: Open Source Applicant Tracking System Will:

  1. Improve the quality of overall hiring process
  2. Reduce time required to hire best-fit talent
  3. Reduce cost per hire to maximize ROI