Online Portal For Employees Recruitment

Online portal for employee recruitment is playing a major role in hiring process today. According to a study titled "The Multi-Generational Job Search" conducted by Millennial Branding and,45 percent of companies surveyed said they find job candidates on online portals for employee recruitment. Also, Bruce Dorskind, the president of the Dorskind Group, claimed there are over 10,000 online portals for recruiting employees in the United States and probably 100,000 around the world.

However, often, online portal for employee recruitment does not work. According to a report from the Aberdeen Group, online portals for recruiting employees deliver too many candidates, and less than 10 percent of those candidates are qualified for the jobs. Moreover, 59 percent of employers surveyed said they do not have enough people or time to sort through all the applications submitted to online portals for recruiting employees. There is software that filters applications based on keyword search, but some qualified candidates could get lost in the filtering process. For example, a company created a perfect resume for a clinical scientist role, and the filtering software they used scored that there is only 43 percent of relevance(Source: Bersin & Associates). For another example, one large firm found that its software screened out the resumes of three out of five top engineers in the firm as not relevant (Source: ERE Media).

Best Portal For Recruiting Employee

CareersUnbound's instaTalent can solve these problems from existing online portals for recruiting employees. instaTalent is not an online portal for employee recruitment, so it does not post its users' job descriptions online. Once you enter job description, it analyzes the job description and searches the right candidates from different resume sources like job boards, social media, and your private resume databases if you so choose. You can get up to 50 candidates for one job description, so there is no need to go through hundreds of unqualified resumes. Also, instaTalent's taxonomies go beyond basic keyword search and find candidates who could be lost in existing recruiting software's filtering process. Find candidates with best skill fit and  Culture-fit   from instaTalent. We recommend! You hire!

We recommend! You hire!