instaTalent Pro

Cognitive Talent Acquisition Platform to Find Employees Online.


instaTalent Pro talent acquisition platform has taken the tedious, time consuming and costly search for candidates and put the power in the hands of you, the employer. It understands the job description that you provide and searches through different resume sources (job portals, social websites, private resume databases etc.) and identifies top candidates that are tailored to your needs using our cognitive technology. Find employees in minutes!


instaTalent is an highly intelligent talent acquisition platform that will shorten your hiring cycle with tiniest budget. instaTalent is a cognitive employee hiring solution that recommends the best fit candidates for your available job position.It is a easy to use Software as a Service(SaaS) that recommends you the best fit candidates.


The recruiting landscape has fundamentally changed in the past several years. With shrinking budgets and high competition for talent is becoming a typical dilemma among recruiters. instaTalent recruitment software directly addresses recruitment problems by finding best-fit employees instantly. instaTalent recommends the best-fit talent in few minutes in affordable cost. instaTalent talent acquisition platform will revolutionize the recruitment industry.


The Process:
1. You upload your job description.
2. instaTalent Pro recruitment software extracts and evaluates relevant candidate data from various global data sources like private databases, social websites, and job boards using our cognitive technology.
3. Best fit talent profiles are picked, prioritized and recommended to you by instaTalent Pro- talent acquisition platform.

How This Talent Acquisition Platform Works

instaTalent is the only employee recruitment software that leverages big data analytics and cognitive computing to find employees online. instaTalent have transformed the excruciating talent discovery procedure into quick two-step​ process. Once you submit your job description our intelligent employee hiring software uses global web mining, cognitive computing, big data analytics, taxonomies and graph algorithms to recommend top best-fit​ candidates. All you have to do is submit your job description and choose perfect employee for your company. Sign up today and see what cognitive computing can do for you with instaTalent- talent acquisition platform.