Information Technology

Information Technology

There is a lot of Information Technology talent on the market. Finding the best-fit talent for your company and needs can be very challenging. Our instaTalent Pro platform will recommend qualified, best-fit candidates that address your specific recruiting and hiring needs. Our Culture-Fit addon provides insight to the cultural fit of a candidate.

A Targeted Approach

Information Technology field is growing at an exponential rate. The competency for tech-savvy talent is vicious; every company wants top talent. Finding the best-fit talent is a tedious task. instaTalent powered by IBM addresses this problem by recommending the top talent in IT field for your any IT job position. Our employee hiring solution work effortlessly to ensure that they receive the best talent in the IT industry. for your precise needs. instaTalent makes the process of finding the best-fit talent effortless. In 3 easy steps you can get talented candidates for your job position using online hiring software– instaTalent uses big data analytics, cognitive computing, taxonomies and graph algorithms to recommend you the best fit candidates. We can recommend qualified candidate recommendations that meet you needed skills and experience in 3 quick steps:

instaTalent Details

instaTalent understands the grueling procedures recruiters have to follow while recruiting best talent in IT industry. Our IT savvy talent acquisition platform can recommend best candidates for your available IT job opening instantly

instaTalent leverages latest technologies like big data, cognitive analysis and taxonomies to recommend you best fit candidates in 2 easy steps.

  1. Provide job details

  2. Get best-fit candidate recommendations

instaTalent-A talent acquisition platform can recommend any job position in IT industry, including:

  • Software Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Project Manager
  • Any IT industry job