Job opportunities are booming in India

Jobs Search in India

Putting the economy back on track is of paramount importance for the government, said President Pranab Mukherjee, addressing the first joint sitting of both Houses of Parliament on Monday.

The President noted that India is passing through an extremely difficult economic phase. The government will, he said, put the country on a high growth path, rein in inflation, re ignite the investment cycle, accelerate job creation and restore confidence of the domestic as well as the international community, in our economy.

According to the President, the Government will also strategically promote labor-intensive manufacturing and expand more job opportunities by promoting tourism and Agro-based industries. He further added that employment exchanges would be transformed into ‘Career Centers’ connecting the youth with job opportunities through the use of technology, counseling and training.

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“Improving connectivity and leveraging technology will be the best thing the government can do for the skills agenda. Online training programs can be designed and delivered to the youth in small and far-off locations, not just in certain pockets of the country,” said Dr Aquil Busrai, Chief Executive Officer, Aquil Busrai Consulting and past national president of the National HRD Network. Dr Busrai also suggested that the Modi government needs to setup an agency where senior professionals can formally mentor young professionals to expedite the readiness of the talent pool when jobs are created. This, he said, should be in addition to the skill development programs that are underway.

Industry experts defined the year 2014 as the year of consolidation for the job market. Government interventions, funding and impending policy changes are expected to bring cheer to the recruitment landscape, across verticals. Experts added that in the Manufacturing & Engineering sector, in particular, the government recognizes the significance of this sector in the country’s industrial and economic revival. Thus, the future will witness a number of proactive measures and initiatives from the government to strengthen the business and hiring sentiment of this sector.

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