How to write a job description to find best-fit talent

Ideal Job Description

In today’s job market scenario with few jobs and overwhelming responses for each job posted, it has become difficult for HR managers to sort through number of applications. One of the ways to cut down this problem is to write an ideal job description, with clear information grabbing the interest of best-fit candidates.
A Key part in any recruitment process is the information provided to candidates in the form of the job description “A skilled worker, regardless of the job description, remains a treasure” (Madeleine M. Kunin), but it is difficult to always find such talent.
In a survey conducted by Recruiterbox from 400 executives, 28% mentioned identifying necessary interpersonal skills, and 24% mentioned accurately defining job responsibilities as the biggest challenge for them.

Job Description PointsThe ideal job description incorporates key job requirements and job related information. Defining a clear description of the job to be filled can help reduce the number of non-qualified responses while targeting that group with the requirements you need.
To create a good job description, you need to include:


  • Heading-

It is important to indicate the precise job title. What is the position exactly about and which department it belongs to. Many times a generalized job description is used and applicants have to guess whether they fit for the position depending on years of experience mentioned and requirements.

The job description heading should also mention pay scale, location of the job along with which department the vacancy belongs to. Talented candidates are often passive job seekers, they consider all the factors from pay to location before applying for a job.

The heading is mostly overlooked, but it helps save time spent by Human Resources and Hiring Managers and clears up ambiguity of the candidates.


Job description: CareersUnbound.

Job position: Online marketing executive.

Department: Sales and Marketing

Pay- $25000- $35000 per year Reporting to: Sales and marketing manager

Based at: Washington DC, USA


  • Job summary-

Job seekers consider the summary as an overview of the requirements and experience needed for the position. It is beneficial to mention 3-6 lines about job in brief but in descriptive manner, which will help to understand job better.


Job summary- Admissions coordinator
The Admissions Coordinator is a primary point of contact, responsible for administering the admissions and registration processes and providing administrative support to the Program Director. Job role includes serving as the primary point of contact for potential students, preparing recruitment event materials, processing applications, coordinating the transcript evaluation process, and preparing admissions correspondence.
A qualified candidate should have one to two years of experience in an academic support or secretarial position, preferably in a University setting. An associate’s degree is preferred.


  • Responsibilities-

Once the candidate joins your organization, he or she will be expected to perform many responsibilities, which need to be described in more detail here. Listing every aspect of job responsibilities is time-consuming and overwhelming. Listing essential job functions and responsibilities provides a job seeker more information to determine their fit for the role. Ideally, responsibilities should be between 5- 10 points.
For more experienced positions and more senior roles, it is better to mention responsibilities related to the departments in more detail.


Job responsibilities- Product manager
1. Managing the entire product line life cycle from strategic planning to tactical activities
2. Specifying market requirements for current and future products by conducting market research supported by on-going visits to customers and non-customers.
3. Driving a solution set across development teams (primarily Development/Engineering, and Marketing Communications) through market requirements, product contract and positioning.
4. Developing and implementing a company-wide go-to-market plan, working with all departments to execute.
5. Analyzing potential partner relationships for the product


  • Skills and qualifications-
    Always differentiate between necessary (must have) and preferred (good to have) skills. Skills play a major role in recruitment, where each applicant can consider his or her strengths and drawbacks, providing the job seeker with the information whether he or she should apply for the position posted.
    Qualification should be mentioned from the highest level of education or with experience included. For healthcare positions, mention qualification in order of certifications, licensing, and schooling.


1. Master’s in business administration OR bachelors with four years of experience.
2. General diploma or associate’s degree in nursing (AND)


  • Employer overview-

A brief history about company’s mission and work culture along with total number of employees, departments, and number of countries where company is operating is very helpful for candidates, and provides necessary insight as to their fit for the role and organization. Add organization website URL along with basic company information document for better understanding.


  • Other details-

This is an optional field to enter any information not included in any of the previous sections. Companies can mention news of the products with the details, which will help candidates to understand their specific roles.


  • Contact information-Best-Fit candidates

At the end of the job description, include the name, telephone number, and email address of the person to contact. It is also
advisable to include best times to contact. If you use an auto submission of application (such as an ATS), make sure candidates get the confirmation email after they successfully apply to the posted job.


Writing a good job description is an art, where desired talented candidates shouldn’t lose their interests from any point while providing information to avoid non-qualified applicants.


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