How to kick start your career this Christmas

Ho, ho, ho! Or no…. Many fresh graduates don’t have too much to laugh about at the moment, with inflation sky-rocketing and drying up almost the entire job market.

But, there are companies who look to hire freshers in a large numbers this time of the year. And all you have to do is to consider the pointers highlighted below while applying or interviewing to convert the opportunity into a chance. Also, these tips can do a lot more than just boost your employability now as well as after graduation.

How does the employer get to know you?

Through your resume!
While looking for a job or internship, make sure your grammar is spot on. Don’t completely depend on the inbuilt spell checks and get your punctuation right.
Avoid the most common mistakes; use the same tense from the beginning to the end and overusing semicolons and capital letters.

TIP: For an effective resume, use first person through out. Read more about resumes here.

How does the employer figure out your nature?

At the interview.
For a college graduate, it is very difficult to get needed confidence at an interview. But there are some tiny basic etiquettes that you always knew, too be followed at an interview.
Focus on your dressing, body language. Maintain proper eye contact, posture and the right amount of confidence.

TIP: Take a look at our infographic before you finalize what to wear for the interview.

And since it is Christmas, don’t forget to follow the star. Get the star attitude in you and make it reflect in your resume and the interview.
So when you start looking for a job make sure your resume and your first encounter with the employer project you like a star who knows how to deal with a situation and is result driven!
In the end, all you have to do is to help your company to access success like a star does!

Wish you a Starry Christmas!

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