How to hire candidates who have right culture fit


Culture fit is the extent to which a job candidate fits a company’s culture. A candidate who fits an organization’s culture will be able to adapt to the core values of the organization, get along with his or her colleagues, and thrive in the work environment.

Culture fit is as important, if not more, as skill fit when finding right candidates for a job opening. Research shows that among 46% of new hires who failed within 18 months, 89% failed for attitudinal reasons like a lack of coachability, low levels of emotional intelligence, motivation, and temperament while only 11% failed for a graph1lack of skill.[i] New employees can learn skills with training, but it is hard to train them to learn culture fit. Thus, a lack of culture fit may quickly lead to job dissatisfaction, poor productivity, excessive absences and turnover.[ii] By hiring candidates with right culture fit, employers can improve productivity and cut the cost of replacing employees.

Employers use interview and personality tests to assess candidates’ culture fit. However, studies have shown that these methods are not effective. Because the interview is a personal interaction between people, social factors that are not related to a candidate’s ability to do the job unintentionally influence the evaluation of a candidate and subsequent hiring decision.[iii] Research conducted by leadership scholars showed that unstructured interviews only explained 14% of an employee’s performance.[iv] Personality tests are not reliable either. A 2010 review of the academic literature found that personality tests used in employee selection account for approximately 5% of an employee’s job success.[v] In addition, candidates can fake answers for personality tests. Thus, employers need other ways to assess culture fit of candidates.

CF-01 (1)instaTalent Culture-Fit can serve as a reliable method to assess whether candidates have the right culture fit. It uses IBM Watson, which analyzes candidate’s culture fit for a specific position based on natural linguistic data including posts on their social media profiles, answers to questionnaires, or writing samples. Because it is hard for candidates to fake this data, they tend to be more trustworthy than candidates’ answers to personality tests. instaTalent Culture-Fit provides visualized charts of each candidate’s highlighted personality traits. These charts help hiring managers easily identify candidates’ traits that fit specific industry and position requirements. Also, instaTalent Culture-Fit gives a score that shows the extent to which a candidate fits a specific position. Candidates with higher scores fit better for the position. With instaTalent Culture-Fit, employers can hire competent employees who are satisfied with their jobs and enjoy the company culture.







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