Health Care

CareersUnbound has an innovative software solution designed to save time and money. Our instaTalent talent acquisition platform will access qualified, best fit candidates that address your specific recruiting and hiring needs.

A Targeted Approach

Finding qualified talent in health care can be challenging. The instaTalent Talent Recommendation Platform solves this problem by identifying best-fit candidates from resources across the web.

instaTalent is uniquely prepared to address problems the healthcare industry is facing. With instaTalent’s big data analytics, algorithms, and taxonomies, we find the best fit candidates for you easily, and at a low cost. But we don’t stop there. Culture-Fit provides you with a detailed analysis of a candidate’s personal qualities that make them uniquely qualified to be successful at your workplace. This service is specific to CareersUnbound, making us the one-stop location for your hiring needs.

instaTalent Details

instaTalent does the hard work for you and leaves you with a pool of qualified candidates that can effectively do the job. We do the searching and sorting so you don’t have to, which saves your time and money!

instaTalent is your solution to finding qualified, best-fit candidates with the characteristics you value, fast and easy in 2 easy steps:

  1. Provide Job Details

  2. Get best-fit candidate recommendations

instaTalent can recommend any job position in the health care industry, including:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Charge Nurse
  • RN Case Manager
  • Staff Nurse
  • Student Nurse
  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Nearly any healthcare job