Five alternatives to mainstream employee recruitment agencies

A recruitment agency helps businesses find candidates for their job vacancies. They usually find suitable candidates but charge a lot. Also, it may take time to find the best-fit candidate. Here are a few alternatives to recruitment agencies:


1) Try an automated recruitment software

An automated recruitment software not only makes the hiring process easier but also helps you find better-fit candidates for your job vacancy. All you have to do is upload your job description and this software makes the rest of the job easier for you. instaTalent is one such online employee recruitment software, which is convenient and hassle free to use. You upload the job description, and its unique CTDE technology digs through other websites, identifies resumes of candidates with your required skills and presents a list of those candidates to you in no time.


2) Use your social media accounts

Announce on your social media accounts that you are hiring people. The more you advertise, the better the chances of finding the right candidate. You may use multiple social media platforms to make people aware that you are recruiting. You may use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. for this purpose.For instance, 84% of the job seekers have a Facebook account; masses of job seekers are active on social networking sites on a daily basis. Creating a Facebook page of your organization and posting details of your job vacancy might just do the trick for you. Make the best possible use of social networking sites.

Alternatives for recruitment agency

3) Put your LinkedIn account to use

LinkedIn is a dedicated business networking site and most professional people, employers as well as job seekers use LinkedIn. LinkedIn is and information storehouse.

One of the salient features is that it lets you build a rapport with potential employees before you recruit them. It lets you be a part of groups that are related to your job vacancy. LinkedIn also has a feature of answers; the site allows anyone to ask questions and get answers from anyone on the network.

Find people from your industry and locality with the right set of skills and let people know you are hiring by updating your LinkedIn profile.


Are you worried about qualitative employee recruitment?

Check-out instaTalent – Online Talent Acquisition Platform for best-fit employee hiring.


4) Get your employees involved:

An Employee referral program is an internal method of recruiting in which candidates are hired from the social network of existing employees.

This is an effective method in most of the cases, as the employee already knows the candidate. Moreover, the employee knows the culture and norms of the company and keeping that in mind, recommends a suitable candidate. The recruitment cost also goes down with employee referral as any involvement of a third party is avoided. Employees themselves engage in the initial screening process, selecting and recruiting.


5) Try recruiting in campuses

In campus hiring, the organizations get to choose from a large pool of students where they can select different candidates for different job vacancies at once. This method is cost effective as there is no third party involved in the recruitment process and it is carried out directly by the members of the organization and expenditures like advertising, initial screening process, final selection procedure, etc are avoided.

The ratio of selection increases in campus recruitment and more number of quality candidates can be recruited through this process.

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