Employee recruitment trends in healthcare industry

Healthcare is one of those industries which have emerged as a most promising in terms of training and recruitment. With growing population and need for skilled staff healthcare has become important stuff in a modern world.

Growth of healthcare industry has also impacted decision making of job seekers. According to survey conducted by the healthcarepeople.com, healthcare position job seekers look for salary (83%) as a primary criteria followed by location (72%) of the work place.

According to jobs.net, among healthcare professionals registered, nurse (47.86%) and physical therapist (8.69%) have more number of jobs in USA as compared to other positions.

Emerging recruitment trends in healthcare rely on finding the best- fit candidates for the required position with low cost.

Hiring temporary workers- hiring temporary to evaluate if the candidate is successful fit for the job.

Nowadays, organizations look for hiring temporary workers instead of hiring someone permanently. This helps to understand if the hired candidate is suitable for the position. Most of the times candidates get hired based on the skills they have mentioned on resume, their education or their certification. These qualifications are not enough today; hiring also involves big investment in terms of cost and time for training.

Raising salaries-

Salaries in healthcare industry are divided into two different parts: annual and per hour basis. The salary structure is decided on the pattern of the job, working hours, and location.

The salaries in this function have gone up drastically with emergence of new hospital, new functionalities, and treatments.


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More on the job training with recent graduates-

Because of the reduced cost and insufficient availability of candidates who fit successfully, hospitals and healthcare related industries have started giving on the job training to the new hires. This process involves getting trained with skilled workers to understand actual functionality and the culture of the organization.

This trend is helpful to reduce the cost spent on highly skilled workers. The saved cost is effectively used to train millennials. Another benefit from this trend is an increase in retention rate.


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Hiring recent retirees-

Healthcare industry has also seen a new trend of hiring recent retirees. The former employees of any organization understand tasks and culture thoroughly.

Another factor associated with hiring recent retirees is low cost. Recent retirees are active job seekers, they fit into needs of any organization which are looking for part time employees or someone to trend new joiners. Hiring recent retirees has become popular practice among many industries.


Healthcare is one of the most important industries having potential to grow further rapidly. Some of these trends will soon become common practices within the healthcare industry.

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