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instaTalent online recruiting software can help you to find best-fit employees online through its web-based recruitment software and iOS, Android applications.

instaTalent is a talent acquisition software that recommends the best fit candidates for your open job position. It’s an online portal for recruiting employees who are skill fit and culture fit. It is a easy to use application that runs smoothly on Android & iOS devices. All you have to do is upload your job description in instaTalent employee recruiting software powered by IBM Watson and it will recommend you the best-fit candidates in minutes!

Connect with the best-fit candidates via instaTalent employees hiring software: Once you receive recommendations instaTalent will send you a notification on your registered contact number and then you can view the recommended candidates and connect with them by email or mobile number.

instaTalent's cognitive decision matrix will allow you to compare scores of candidates such as educational score, experiance score etc, making sure you hire the best talent for your open position. The candidate data is generated from various global sources, analyzed with advanced technologies such as big data, graph modeling and then recommended to an employer in a graphical manner.