Are your eating habits judging you as an employee?

Are your eating habits judging you as an employee

An old saying “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dine like a pauper” can be your career maker in today’s fast food life.

How do you start your morning? Sipping a nice hot cup of tea with your spouse or just swinging around all over the place getting ready for work?
With all the money and hard work you’ve put in for your career growth, it is not enough. You need to be a foodie to make it all worth. This article is worth your time if you think your eating habits have got nothing to do with your career growth.

While getting ready to go to work tomorrow make sure this food summary will reflect in your tiffin.

Does this mean your career growth is sitting in your plate?


According to a survey conducted by occupation and medicine, some interesting statistics were uncovered.

Employees who consume fruits and vegetables at work are expected to perform 20% better than the employees who thrive on junk food.
Not only this, eating habits also interfere with the ethical nature of an employee. Employees with healthy eating habits are 25% more likely to show upto work everyday!

So what should you do?


Of all the food that you eat in your office premises make sure that 50% are fruits and vegetables, 25% starch and remaining 25% are proteins.

It is easy to get food that is rich in starch and protein and some essential vitamins like iron and vitamin A. Few examples are potato, roasted potato, salmon, sweet potato, carrots, and sweet corn and so on.
A simple google search can take off your career to heights that you always wanted to reach. And to your surprise, you can literally eat your way to success.

Is that all…

It is never enough, is it? Along with healthy eating habits, you need to pick up a few more good habits and drop a few bad habits off!
· Drink more water.
· Avoid junk food.
· Stop drinking coffee.
· Eat healthy snacks after every couple of hours.
· Start exercising.

Unlike you thought, where you sit to have lunch can also play a crucial role in your performance. If you are a workaholic you’d prefer sitting at your desk which may disturb you especially on the days you get cabbage or broccoli!
Nevertheless, if you travel back home for lunch or some place far from your office, it may fill you up with boredom and lethargy making the rest of the day just a collection of hours for you to complete.
So, ideally, eat at a clean cafeteria, near your office and take a small walk with your colleagues after lunch to speed up the digestion process.

Make available healthier work options not only to boost your own growth but your company’s ROI.

Eat healthy. Stay productive.

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