Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System

With its technology partners, CareersUnbound provides an applicant tracking system, which can be implemented on all suitable industries from large companies to SME's.

With the talent industry applications like instaTalent Pro and instaTalent Culture-fit, CareersUnbound believes an online applicant tracking system will become a complete package for any businesses to keep track of their recruitment need by saving time and cost involved in the hiring process.

CareersUnbound's online applicant tracking system is more advanced than traditional applicant tracking software currently available in the market.

How Does It Work?

CareersUnbound's applicant tracking software is an add-on to the  Pro  and  Culture-fit   versions. After employers upload job description on instaTalent, they will be able to view recommended candidates instantly.

This job applicant tracking software will be able to track responses from all the applicants, from interview status to acceptance of job.

This automated system will help recruiters and HR managers keep track of any potential candidates whom they consider valuable for their organization. With this advanced job applicant tracking software system, HR managers and recruiters can keep talents their companies want in back-end as well. These candidates can be contacted any-time in the future, as new opportunities arise.

Best Online Software For Job Applicant Tracking

Is this applicant tracking software version suitable and affordable for SME's?

The pricing for any applicant tracking system is usually divided into three different segments.

  1. Pay per recruiter
  2. Pay per employee
  3. Pay per job opening

According to Capterra's review, minimum cost for any applicant tracking software is around $1200 per year, which most SME's cannot afford.

CareersUnbound's ATS is the best applicant tracking software which is the most affordable solution for small and medium enterprises.

We understand requirements of small and medium enterprises. Thus, we provide them faster, effective and cost efficient instaTalent, which is one of the best applicant tracking systems to shorten their recruitment process.