6 ways technology has changed recruiting

Traditional recruiting once relied on throwing fishing net out through a job posting and waiting to catch a prize winning fish in the sea of resumes that  were caught. Here are a few ways things human resources has changed for the better:

  1. The questions we ask are changing

Before this influx of technology the biggest questions in any  recruiting interview were: Where did you work? How long did you work there? What duties did you perform? If these are still in your human resources most important questions, please reexamine your way of thinking.

In the millennial age people no longer care about duties- anyone can do a simple duty or stretch the truth on their resume. Today, more than ever companies want to know what you got done at your job. How did you change, expand and improve the workplace you were at before?

What was your mission and the importance of your role? The key take away is: can this candidate think and not do. In the modern workplace people from C suite executives to entry level associates are being praised for their ability to think and get things done and fit in.

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  1. Companies and candidates are more Transparent

                Any qualified or interested candidate can now check out Glassdoor to find out pay rate, employee morale and company culture. Now the candidate has the ability to see into a company by virtually breaking down walls and peeking into the company. If your company has an internal problem, fix it sooner rather than later. This is the time for your recruiting or human resources manager to step up and fix the company culture.

On the flip side, recruiters can peer into the lives of their candidates easier than before. Through LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr and more social channels- recruiters can now find what people are passionate about and their dirty secrets.

Technology Recruitment

  1. Job seekers want everything quicker and efficient

                Just as employers want to get the most value for the time of their employees job seekers want the same when job hunting. LinkedIn is arguably the biggest recruiter hub online; it is easy to find candidates, even those who aren’t in the market for a new job can be won over.

One of the biggest mistakes is not including the “Apply with LinkedIn” button on a job posting. First off, it gives a vast amount of information to you the recruiter. Second, and more importantly, it saves the applicant time. People are constantly complaining they wish they had more time and even some top tier candidates will not apply for a position that will take an hour out of their time having to manually input all their data. On a personal note I won’t even apply if the process takes to long, working in the human resources industry I know first hand how frustrating applying to jobs can be.

  1. Technology ironically makes us appear Human

                When recruiters reach out via LinkedIn or check out a social profile, there is an instant face to put with the resume, candidates are no longer just a name. The 5k the candidate ran last month, the pictures of them volunteering, at a wedding, or even enjoying a few mixed drinks all give a peek into our real lives. As recruiters, we want to be comfortable the person we bring on is trustworthy and fairly normal; modern day technology has now given is the power to pick our colleagues and know they appear to be a good hard working person.

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  1. Real world skills are the best qualifications

                 Just because a candidate went to Stanford, Georgetown or another top tier school does not mean they will be the best fit; sure having that on their resume will get them in the door for an interview. However you need living proof of their skills: aspiring writers need a blog, developer need to be on GitHub, Designers need a portfolio to showcase all their hard work.

If this still isn’t enough, test the candidate out and see what they can do during the hiring process. Have them do mock-ups, True Ability, is a startup that allows tech professionals to prove themselves on the spot in a live environment. Some of their customers include Netflix and Playstation.

CareersUnbound promises on using cognitive hiring software to find candidates in days not months. Saving time and money as a recruiter is great for the bottom line, but supporting a company whose mission is to help unemployment is just an added bonus.

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