6 Easy Ways to Motivate Employees

Motivating employees to complete their job duties at a better level can be challenging. Staff members show motivation when they are self-inspired to perform tasks and proud of their work product. Remember that employee’s relationship with his or her direct manager is the single most important factor influencing engagement. Accordingly, the responsibility falls to find employee encouragement ideas and to improve motivational levels.

No team-building exercise or pat on the back can completely restore workplace confidence. But here are a few tips for employee motivation:

Employee Motivation
Best Guidelines To Motivate Your Employees
  1. Keep your door open.

Your employees may need frequent information and feedback. Give them access to your time. Be honest and listen thoroughly to their ideas for job improvement. Intelligent listening is part of the job. Hear their problems, concerns and frustrations concerning their work. This should be done within reasons of course: make sure you set boundaries for your workroom not to turn into a complaints office.


  1. Help employees fulfill career goals

Sit down and find out what employees want to get out of their jobs and the company in general. If the employee wants more responsibilities or to move to a different department, investigate possibilities and get back to them with options. Offer mentoring and coaching options. If the position requires a degree, tell them about tuition assistance or scholarships the company may offer.

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  1. Take a genuine interest in their work-life balance.

To the extent that managers can offer some flexibility in schedules, be understanding about family commitments, doctors’ appointments… Small gestures often make a big difference and these considerations can be very much appreciated.


  1. Use the word “together”.

A new research by Priyanka Carr and Greg Walton of Stanford University found that teams who were given a task using the word “together”, worked 48% longer, solved more problems correctly, and had better recall for what they had seen. They also said that they felt less tired and depleted by the task. They also reported finding the task more interesting when working together, and persisted longer because of this intrinsic motivation (rather than out of a sense of obligation to the team, which would be an extrinsic motivation).


  1. Praise and recognize hard work.

A little recognition can go a long way towards satisfied employees. Look for simple but effective ways to praise hard work. It could be as simple as emailing an appreciative note. You could also organize recognition events for bigger accomplishments such as luncheons and banquets.

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  1. Move dissatisfied employees

Dissatisfied employees take considerable time and energy from managers. They also bring their team and colleagues’ motivation down by frequent complaints, gossip and negative work attitude. Ask those employees how you can help improve their work experience. Offer to move them into another work area, a different department or even a different company.

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