5 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity


No business can ignore the need to measure and improve employee productivity. Every organization unknowingly encounters several factors that affect the employee motivation and productivity. It is very important that each business identifies these factors and prevents them from aggravating. All organizations should proactively work on improving the employee engagement and productivity.


Here are few ways to enhance employee productivity at work:


Hire the right people:


When employees are doing the jobs that they are good at and love, their productivity is bound to go up. If employees do not fit for their jobs, they can be not just unproductive but also toxic to the team and the organization.Hence organizations must make sure that they hire perfect employees with not just the right skill-fit but also the right culture-fit. The candidates selected on the basis of culture-fit—in addition to skill-fit— can excel in the organization. These employees perform better and stay longer with the organization. When culture-fit is taken into consideration for hiring, both the organization and employees benefit from it.


Set clear goals and consistently measure results:

set-clear-golasSetting clear and defined goals leads to sense of purpose in the employees. They work the best when trying to achieve a specific, meaningful and challenging goal. By setting well defined goals for each week or month, employees get a clear idea of what is expected of them in the workplace and manage their time effectively to achieve these goals. Well defined goals can also be measured objectively and provide employees an idea about their contribution. Along with measuring results, it is important to provide employees feedback with constructive criticism to help them improve. Feedback of the work and performance is crucial to employee productivity


Focus on training and development of staff:

Traning-and-DevelopmentOrganizations have now realized that it is very important to enhance and develop employee capabilities for improved retention and performance. Most Organizations now see employee training and skill development as contributing factors to achieving business goals and increasing productivity.

Training helps in skill and career enhancement of the employees. Training not just enhances the skills of the employees but also leads to better motivation, leading to better retention and productivity.


Provide career growth opportunities to employees:

Career-Growth-opportunitiesEmployee turnover is a major problem faced by organizations that affects organizational productivity. Newly hired employees take time to learn and contribute to their jobs. Employee turnover also has a demoralizing effect on an organization.

If employees are provided with good career growth opportunities within the organization, they are less likely to leave it for better opportunities elsewhere. Good growth opportunities motivate the employees to perform their best. Career growth opportunities within the organization help employee retention and improve organizational productivity.


Recognize employees for a good job:

Recognize-EmployeesRecognizing employees is the best way to encourage them to perform better. Valued employee not only gets motivated to perform tasks with maximum productivity but also gets satisfied which indirectly reflects on employee retention.

Employee recognition has direct impact on the organization growth, motivated employees give whole heart efforts and make sure their tasks are completed in timely manner effectively.

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