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Want to hire top talent? If you really want to attract and retain the best candidates you must inspire your team; by doing so you will be on your way to being a great brand. Great brands know this and will do anything to keep creating an inspiring environment for employees.  This is how great productivity is driven.


  1. Create an inspiring office environment

Although this trend started with big tech companies such as Google and Facebook, creating an office environment that is both innovative and inspiring is also important for every company wishing to attract Millenials. After all, any company that moves workers to perform at their highest levels will always fare better in the marketplace than its less-inspired competitors.

Incorporate fun and joyful elements into your office environment that are encouraging brainstorming, collaborating and even resting when it is needed. You can also adjust lighting, plants, and let natural light in with desks facing windows.

  1. Promote Personal Growth

There is no doubt that when they have the feeling that they are not learning anymore, junior managers do not hesitate to quit. Diversifying the tasks became something crucial. Millenials want to grow in the company and gain experience that they will be able to use in the future. A simple way to do so is organize training and give instant feedback, rather than yearly evaluations.

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  1. Think beyond compensation

Today’s Millenials have no choice but entering a difficult job market with fewer opportunities than the previous generation. This market made them less selective, foregoing some of their preferences in their job search. A survey by Match Marketing Group found that only a quarter of Millenials consider financial benefits extremely important when choosing a job, whereas 84 percent rated having meaningful work that makes a difference as very or extremely important.

To attract top talents, it is important to emphasize the opportunity to build community within your team. Think about different management styles that suit this new generation such as flexible schedules, original chains of command or modern evaluation tools.

  1. Encourage entrepreneurship spirit

A study from The Boson Project consulting firm shows that this generation is more impatient, connected, creative and shameless than their peers. They want to know that their thoughts and aspirations will mean something and be heard. Millenials want employers who appreciate what they will bring to the table and who will support their entrepreneurial drive. Give them the opportunity to contribute to the decision making process by giving them a voice in meetings and encouraging them to be creative.

  1. Emphasize on corporate culture

Major companies understood the benefits of promoting shared organization values and assumptions not only to their employees but also to potential candidates.

Too often, companies don’t make their internal corporate culture public. This may lead job seekers to think the company has hidden practices. By communicating your corporate values, you encourage personal and professional involvement of your future employees as they would fit those values. To do so, it can be relevant to share testimonials, organize corporate events and be transparent on social media.


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