5 reasons why hire women to be managers

When you search “Why are women” in Google, the first few searches that pop up are crazy, so shallow and so emotional. The funniest among them was ‘so mean’ and that is the inspiration of this post today.

The surprise element here was the noise that these terms made about women. In fact research shows a different picture about women managers and their credibility. There are different types of women and to avoid the comparison let us dive into the qualities that make women better managers than men.

1. Communication: It is an unsaid fact that women are better at verbalizing their thoughts. And according to top business schools communication is the key to management.

2. Empathy: women are famous for empathy. Managers role mainly revolves around employee performance while dealing with their feelings and understanding their struggle and skills. Women can be more emphatic in understanding other employees.

3. Vision: Managers need to be visionary. And it has been evident since long that woman have proven to be visionaries and successful interpreters.

4. Perspective: Women have a new and different perspective to look at any situation or a problem. They get into to the customer’s shoes and come up with strategies, plans based on dreams, desires backed with solid results.

5. Maturity: It all started after the recent financial crisis when the value of maturity and risk management became important for a manager. For instance, a woman cleaning a man’s mess in Iceland became the game changer and ability to think long term and overcome difficulties easily started being associated with women.

Gender discrimination is not suppose to be criteria while deciding whom to hire as a manager. Sure, women have been associated with mood swings, being cold and ruthless while some men are compassionate and inspiring. Let us avoid stereotyping and just learn from the good qualities of women around us and be thankful to them on this Women’s Day.

In the infographic below, world would be a more peaceful place if women are in-charge there are some interesting statistics to back this statement.

Fortune 500 companies with the highest percentage of women on their boards saw 53% higher equity returns, 42% higher return on sales and a whopping 66% higher return on invested capital.

Is’nt that a good enough reason to celebrate Women’s Day?

Happy Women’s Day!



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