10 things employers won’t tell you but we will


All employers have one important job: to recruit the right person for a position.

Their efficiency is measured on how effectively they match talent to a job opening.

But somehow, in the current economy, it is getting harder for employers to do their job!


There has been a drastic increase in the talent available in the market, making it even more difficult to weed through them. What use to be “finding a drop in the ocean” has now become “finding a drop in many oceans”

Because of which, quickly finding the marketability of a candidate has become mandatory for employers.

Translation: Candidates must focus on making an everlasting first impression on the employers.

Presentation, confidence, attire, etc. suddenly become a key factor when the competition is fierce.

Spoiler alert: those who fail to make a great first impression end up in the “NO” pile and are never contacted again!

So, if you don’t get a call back from an employer after the first interview, there is a good chance that besides lacking the required skills, you also displayed the traits of an unimpressive candidate and piled up in the “NO” list.

Now, employers won’t tell you the reason for not contacting.


One of the many reasons is that they are not paid to tell you the bad news and explain the reason behind it. Secondly, they don’t wish to cut off the cords. And as mentioned earlier, they don’t have the time for it.

So, how will you fix the existing problem if you don’t know the problem?

This post will help you do that. There are chances that you may not like what you read, but the bright side is with little focus and work all the problems mentioned below can be fixed.

So, are you guilty of the following?

  1. Were you wearing something too tight, messy, revealing or flashy?
  2. Did your appearance overpower the interviewer with your bad odor or were you wearing strong smelling perfume?
  3. Was your eye contact constantly shifting or was it too intense?
  4. Did your handshake last for a micro second or was it too forceful?
  5. Ahh!! You say ah, um, hmm too much!
  6. Do you use poor grammar and slang English (swearing) while answering the interviewer?
  7. Did you overpower the interview and seemed like self-centered, insecure, not interested or desperate?
  8. Were you talking too fast, slow, soft or loudly?
  9. Did you crack a stupid joke and giggled or laughed inappropriately or lacked expression at all?
  10. Did you lack confidence, mood, clarity or interest during the interview?

So, how to fix these problems?

Since, majority communication is non-verbal, focusing and working on one thing can overcome all the problems at once: attitude.

Your mood, be it any, angry, nervous, excited, your body language is going to convey it to the employer. In order to avoid that, you must have faith in yourself and faith comes from knowing your strengths and weaknesses thoroughly. It also comes from embracing them and researching well on the company.


So that you can articulate your answers and channel your enthusiasm in a hirable way.

Since this post is about the 10 reasons, we shall discuss the ways to overcome them in our next post. Till then you have enough to work on: improve your first impression!

Like Dorit Sher says, “Your career is your business. It is time to manage it as a CEO.”

Take control of your career and employers will notice you. Guaranteed!

Now, your turn

Please share any reasons that we missed above. Better still, if you’ve got any experiences that can emphasize the importance of the first impression, please share it below for the rest of the world can use it as well.

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